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Friday Speakers


Lamar Zala Gran
Ellis Finkelstein & Luka Dabbah
A Short Description of My Work in Afghanistan

In this presentation, I will describe the whole situation of Afghan women, and how Afghan women survive and live in Afghanistan under Taliban. I’ve been working on the issue of Afghan women since three years ago, I’ve been working with them over education, advocacy and awareness through my foundation and some of international media. Moreover, I would like to discuss about my advocacy journey with the audience and give them an overview of my advocacy under Taliban, so they should know how activist operate their civil rights activities under Taliban.
How Longview School promotes Socio-Emotional Learning 

Socio-emotional skills are integral to the development of children and teens, but are rarely taught at traditional schools. Here at Longview we put socio-emotional skills first because kids can’t succeed academically or in daily life without them.

Mini - Talks


Saturday Speakers


Addie Lentzner

Chasing the Education Revolution

 I was always what one would call a good student. I did my homework on time, engaged in extra credit, was close with all my teachers. Well, all of this until a defining moment in my life where I realized the education system is flawed in many ways, and I didn’t want to conform to it anymore. COVID-19 hit, and inequities were exacerbated in America, as well as with the murder of George Floyd. I realized, for one thing, our schools do not teach about Black History. Secondly, there are racial and economic disparities in our classrooms that make it difficult for some kids to succeed. And lastly, the way school is structured simply does not serve students well and is not relevant to their lives. With this in mind, I started my activism journey to transform the education system. This presentation will discuss the issues and experiences that led to this, and the things we all can do to make change today.

Mini - Talks

Dikshya Adhikari

Fake News and Social     Media 
Fake news has become a prevalent concern in today's world, affecting individuals of all ages. It does, however, disproportionately impact youths. This is due to the fact that youths are more reliant on social media for social connection, knowledge, and news, limiting their exposure to the real world and making it difficult to distinguish between truth and untruth. Despite these obstacles, youths have the capacity to battle fake news by increasing their knowledge and comprehension. They have the ability and drive to make a difference by learning more about the problem and taking action to address it.

Srijanita Maurya

Precious Sylvie Ndum

Precious Sylvia Limunga .jpg

Amplifying Youth Voices in Animal Welfare
Discussing the significance of involving youth in advocating for animal rights and the strategies to effectively amplify their voices.

Youth; The World's
Remedial Hope

The Youth plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our world. They bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and the energy needed to drive positive change. With their passion and determination, young people have the potential to address various global challenges such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and social injustice. One example of youth taking the lead in making a difference is the global youth-led movement for climate action. Young activists like Greta Thunberg have been instrumental in raising awareness about the urgency of addressing climate change and demanding action from world leaders. Their voices have resonated globally, inspiring millions of people to join the fight against climate change. However, it is important to acknowledge that not all young people have equal access to resources and opportunities. Socioeconomic disparities, discrimination, and lack of education can hinder the potential of many youth. Therefore, it is crucial for governments, organizations, and individuals to invest in youth development programs, provide quality education, and create an inclusive environment that allows all young people to thrive.

Nardos Mengesha

AI Literacy for ALL Youth: Why it's important and how we should implement it.

Amid discussions on developing safe and ethical AI, there has been a clear gap in initiatives that educate the greater public about how to use AI responsibly, especially for youth, who are most vulnerable to misuse of AI. Especially through schools (but also other community-based organizations), AI literacy curriculums have the power to transform the way students learn for the better, while also giving them more marketable skills as they enter an increasingly competitive job market. Join me as I explain the best framework for these curriculums, and go in-depth about the potential they hold.


Sophie Peccaud & Suji De Hart

Beta Testing our Changemaker Launchpad    

In this workshop, students and educators act as our field testers! MAD Courses believes that taking informed action is a critical element of becoming competent global citizens, and we want to support students in honing their skills to become powerhouse Changemakers. In this light, we have developed a self-guided, asynchronous program called the Changemaker Launchpad (CMLP). We need constructive criticism to make this program a world-class leadership tool - and who better to do it than the amazing Changemakers at AERO!? Here’s a chance to “kick the tires” and be our greatly valued development partners!

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