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Basic Live Streaming Package

Couldn’t make it to the AERO conference this year? That’s ok! We are happy to announce that the AERO Conference will be live streamed over the internet. We will be streaming all the events that take place in the main theater, including all the keynotes (Henry Readhead, Dave Lehman, Dr. Fuhrman, and Sir Ken Robinson), all the mini-talks, any workshops that we move into the theater, and the opening session. We will not be including any of the other workshops or sessions.

Here’s how it works, when you buy the package we put you on an email list. When we start live streaming (15 minutes before any of the keynotes, talks, or workshops) You will receive an email with the URL of the stream. Just click the URL and you will be taken directly to the stream.​

Enhanced Live Streaming Package

In addition to the live stream, subscribers at this level will get:

  • Immediate access to archived videos of the keynotes right after they are finished.

  • People watching live can send comments and questions.

  • All subscribers at this tier will be considered full registrants and will be able to join the Whova app, get all conference notifications, and communicate with all conference participants. We will also put them on the AEROconference listserve.

  • All registrants will get full AERO membership and benefits.

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