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Mini - Talks

Makinde Sharon Erioluwa .jpg
Makinde Sharon Erioluwa - The Nigerian Education System; Addressing the roles of the government, highlighting the Challenges and proffering solutions

Every learners' struggle. - Impact of the Educational system on the Learners. - The current advancement in the method of learning around the world. - How to tackle these problems. - The Educational system of my dreams.

Mursalina Amin.JPG
Mursalina Amin - Education & Leadership for Afghan Girls

Civil society's impact on education and empowerment, the impact and activities of my own organization for Afghan girls in Afghanistan 

Zakia Irfan.jpg
Zakia Irfan - The Process of Developing the High School Pre Med book

Explaining the steps and challenges taken over a year to draft and create a book designed to get high school students into medical school. Features of the book include the negative and positive implications of attending medical school.

Darcy Brown .png
Darcy Brown - The art of teaching yourself anything

There are many extremely interesting topics and useful skills that we don't get taught in school. And one of those skills is the ability to teach yourself unfamiliar topics, without a teacher. In this talk, I will describe how I educated myself in the field of Nanotechnology, and how the same process can be used to teach yourself almost anything.

Ritika Saraswat .jpg
Ritika Saraswat - Reimagining Education

The whole purpose of this workshop would be to present to students the reality of GRADES, and how it is something which is not necessary unless you are hoping to get into a specific industry. A lot of students constantly question their value and credibility based on it and even come to term ed as 'failures' or 'outliers' by their teachers if they are not able to score high. This in tune has implications for self-worth, confidence, esteem etc. Thus, it's important to help schools realize that its time we change our assessment structures to be more inclusive of all learning styles to ensure success and growth of every student

Klara Stenqvist .png
Klara Stenqvist  - Techniques for a Radical Mind Shift for Teens & Adults

Join this session to learn about the methods and practices she uses in her work with teenagers, and to explore powerful questions we need to be asking ourselves at this challenging time: What kind of learning do we need to survive and thrive?


Why The Education Revolution is Crucial
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